The Problem: Patient Preferences are Unknown and not Acted on.

The Solution: Actively Engaged Care via Advanced Care Planning, Patient Preferences, and integrated Prognostication. Advanced Care Planning, Empowering Hope

KNOWN: Discover Patient Preferences

nuiloa AI uses machine learning and other artificial intelligence to power persuasion technology that motivates patients to actively engaged in advanced care planning . The AI allows nuiloa to customize every interaction based on the patient’s data.

DISCUSSED: Conversations about Patient Preferences

Our AI reps learn and adapt to the patient’s motivations using algorithms, statistical models, and automated A/B testing to analyze and draw inferences from patterns in scripts, responses, frequency, channels, demographics, diagnosis, and other data.

ACTUALIZED: Patient’s Expectations, Wishes, and Desires

Our digital reps receive continuous predictive model training to improve their ability to influence patients’ compliance and behaviors using Operant conditioning, social learning theory, and other human persuasion techniques.

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    Empower Patients and Providers 

    Smart and influential medium

    conversations to ensure advanced care planning wishes and desires are understood and met.

    Engage patients on Advance Care Planning

    Interactive legal Advanced Care Directives and POLSTs integrated into EMRs and IoT

    Advance Care Planning Rep for every patient

    nuiloa AI gains insights from your patients’ behaviour over time, learning to individualize messages like knowing when to send and what to send.

    Based on patient data models, nuiloa AI will activate individualized conditioning techniques to help improve your bottom line.

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