The Empower Hope Story

IoT and Healthcare in Action

Provide care wherever, however, and whenever it’s convenient to your patient.

Empower Hope care companions are social agents that create relationships with patients by rewarding them with positive feedback, modeling behaviors, and providing social support.​


Empower Hope leverages and uses EMR triggers for text alerts, voice bots, Alexa, Google Home, and more. 


The Mission

Allowing every patient throughout their journey to be supported by cutting-edge, evidence-based, operationally endorsed, holistic, patient and family-centered care.

We need a solution that facilitates discrete capture of patient preferences, brings cohesion to disparate healthcare components, and guides the scarce resource of clinicians to the most impactful opportunities allowing for patient-centered goal concordant care.

The Vision

To improve lives by supporting healthcare to be more accessible, conversational, compassionate, and efficient.

Answering a Crisis

Patient access and retention have never been more urgent and the patient experience has never been more critical.

  • Burnout is prevalent amongst providers.
  • Healthcare organizations must transition to value-based care.
  • Boards are applying pressure for organizations to reduce labor costs.
  • The new value-based model requires care providers share a financial “risk” for a population of patients.
  • To be financially successful providers must provide a new category of preemptive care, persuade patients to better manage chronic conditions, and reduce office and hospital visits.

Patients overwhelmingly describe poor communication as the worst part of the healthcare experience. With a majority of North Americans carrying a literal portable medical device (a smartphone) in their pocket — patients want access to their healthcare to be as seamless as asking Siri for directions to the grocery store.

The bigger picture for healthcare organizations is that they are currently faced with a $3 trillion system that serves approximately 370 million patients who are transitioning from fee-for-service to value-based care. One-fourth of annual U.S. healthcare spending is wasted on unnecessary services, excessive overhead, and inefficient care delivery.

Big Questions for Healthcare

How can providers effectively interact and engage with 370 million patients to manage their care and improve patient outcomes?

At the same time focusing on better patient-provider relationships that put the patient’s convenience and pace, leading to better decisions and outcomes?

While also increasing compensation and controlling costs?

The Silver Ligning

The good news is that the recent rapid virtualization of services is clearing many of these obstacles.

The next wave of healthcare is based on flexibility amidst rapidly evolving consumer needs, wants and expectations.

Where tech supports and supplements medical decisions.
Where home health becomes the default.
Where healthcare available where you are, when you want it, becomes mainstream.

Visions of the Future

This all may sound like something from a sci-fi movie. Of course, you could name a myriad of movies and cartoons, past and present, that have explored the future and the role of technology.

For example, in the Pixar/Disney animated film Big Hero 6, we get a futuristic look at how we could measure health parameters at home. Our hero, Baymax, who happens to be an inflatable robot, is in fact “your personal healthcare companion” – nurse. Through his journey, and among other themes and messages, we get a glimpse, in a heightened and accessible way, of what life might be like living with AI and how having our own Baymax, a compassionate personal health companion could remove so many barriers to our well-being.

This is no longer fantasy — the future of AI is our reality. unlike Baymax, nuiloa AI lives on the cloud and is hardware-agnostic. 

Accessing healthcare through a care companion that is with you wherever you are and whenever you need it is now a reality… and it’s what Empower Hope is all about.

Behind the Tech: Compassionate Artificial Intelligence 

We continue to build and introduce new sets of features to push and redefine the boundaries of this self-learning conversational AI solution. With advanced conversation flows that connect the information and self-service solutions patients need to get it done by themselves.

Nui learns and adapts to the patient’s motivations using Empower Hope’s proprietary software, as well as algorithms, statistical models, and automated A/B testing to analyze and draw inferences from patterns in the patient’s data.

Using automation to improve patient outcomes, Empower Hope receives continuous predictive model training to improve their ability to influence patients’ compliance and behaviors using operant conditioning, social learning theory, and other human persuasion techniques.

With all these capabilities, Empower Hope increases capacity and replaces legacy appointment reminders, follow-ups, and collections systems.

Imagine thousands of individual data scientists, helping healthcare systems get ahead of the value-based care curve.

Meet the Founder, Chris Halsema

Chris became passionate about working with healthcare institutions after seeing the difficulties and costs associated with implementing communication tools.

In 2008 he pivoted his focus from enterprise companies to healthcare with the goal of empowering patient-centric healthcare solutions to provide the highest level of care and streamline the flow of engagement between patients and their providers.

In 2020 he launched Empower Hope to improve support across a patient’s journey, driving connection, and greater outcomes.  

With more than 20 years of experience envisioning and creating integrated solutions in healthcare, fintech, ERP, private cloud, and software development, Chris is known for his work and contributions to the creation of Application Service Providers (now known as clouds) in its early days.

Chris has worked alongside notable companies like IBM and Citrix, and his leadership in the role of CEO of PrudentConnect, which grew to become one of the first cloud ERP and CRM providers.