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The Value of Advance Care Planning for Payors

Empower Hope is transforming healthcare by integrating advanced care planning into everyday medical practice. For payors, this represents an opportunity to enhance member satisfaction while significantly reducing costs. Advanced care planning ensures that patient preferences are known and respected, leading to more appropriate and cost-effective care decisions.

Advanced care planning is a proactive approach that not only improves patient outcomes but also yields substantial cost savings. By reducing unnecessary hospitalizations and interventions, payors can see a reduction in per member per month (PMPM) expenses. Empower Hope’s platform makes it easy for your members to document their healthcare wishes, ensuring that care is aligned with their values and preferences. [Learn More]

Why Empower Hope is Essential for Payors


Empower Hope offers a comprehensive solution designed to meet the needs of payors. Our platform integrates seamlessly with healthcare systems, ensuring that advanced care plans are accessible and actionable when needed. Here’s why Empower Hope is the preferred choice for payors:

  • Cost Savings: Studies have shown that advanced care planning can lead to significant cost reductions. According to research published in Health Affairs, advanced care planning can reduce end-of-life costs by up to 36%.
Reference: Health Affairs Study on Cost Savings from Advanced Care Planning

      These savings translate to lower PMPM expenses for payors.

      • Improved Member Satisfaction: Empower Hope ensures that members’ healthcare preferences are respected, leading to higher satisfaction and trust in their health plan.
      • Regulatory Compliance: Our platform helps payors stay compliant with healthcare regulations related to advanced care planning and end-of-life care.

      Payor Cost Benefits


      Good for Patients:

      • Comfort-oriented POLST forms in nursing home residents resulted in 56 fewer days in the hospital and 22 fewer days in the ICU per 100 person-years compared to patients without a POLST form *1


      • Reduced ICU and hospital stay for patients with comfort-oriented preferences at the end of life:
        • The majority of patients have comfort-oriented preferences
        • Hospital stays can be $2000-$5000/day with ICU stays from $10,000-$20,000/day
        • Even a few day reduction in unwanted care at the end of life leads to significant savings
      *1 – Relationship of POLST to Hospitalization and ICU Care Among Nursing Home Residents in California, Journal of General Internal Medicine, 2023

            Good for Health Systems and Payors:

            • An Advance Care Planning pilot led to a $994 per-member-per-month lower cost, with a total of $13,916 per patient *2

            • An analysis of 2022 Decedents of CMS claims showed that patients who had advance care planning conversations at all, and especially more than 30 days before death had decreased utilization and over $20,000 per patient saved in total cost of care *3
            *2 – End-of-Life Values and Value-based Care, The American Journal of Accountable Care, 2022
            *3 – Internal study by pearl health

            How It Works for Payors


            Implementing advanced care planning with Empower Hope is straightforward and effective. Our platform is designed to fit seamlessly into the existing workflows of healthcare providers and payors:


            1. Enroll Members: Easily invite your members to create their advanced care plans through our secure platform. [Invite Members Now]
            2. Access Plans Anytime: Ensure that advanced care plans are readily accessible to healthcare providers, enabling informed decision-making.
              1. Facilitate Conversations: Use our guided prompts and resources to facilitate meaningful conversations between members and their healthcare providers about their healthcare wishes.
              2. Monitor and Report: Track the adoption and impact of advanced care planning across your member base, with detailed analytics and reporting features.

              Empower Hope simplifies the implementation of advanced care planning, making it an integral part of your cost-management strategy. [Integrate Today]

              Importance of Advance Directives Throughout Members’ Lives


              Young Members (Ages 18-40):

              Advance Directives can significantly reduce unnecessary medical interventions and associated costs. Payors can promote proactive healthcare planning and cost savings by encouraging young members to complete these documents.

              Middle-Aged Members (Ages 40-65):

              For members managing chronic conditions, updated Advance Directives ensure that treatment plans align with their current health status, reducing the need for expensive emergency interventions and hospitalizations.

                Senior Members (65 and Older):

                Advance Directives are crucial for senior members, helping to avoid costly and unwanted medical treatments. This can lead to substantial savings on end-of-life care, benefiting both the members and the healthcare system.

                Understanding Advance Directives

                Advance Directives provide a clear outline of a member’s healthcare preferences, which can lead to more efficient and cost-effective care. Key components include:

                • Living Will: Specifies desired medical treatments.
                • Medical Power of Attorney: Names a person to make healthcare decisions on the member’s behalf.

                Notarization is often required, and Empower Hope’s 24/7 online notarization service streamlines this process, making it easier for members to complete and maintain their directives.

                Understanding POLST and DNR Forms


                POLST forms are medical orders reflecting a patient’s preferences for life-sustaining treatments, crucial for those with severe health conditions. They help ensure that care aligns with the patient’s wishes, potentially reducing unnecessary treatments and associated costs. POLST forms differ by state, and compliance is essential for effective implementation.


                DNR orders indicate that a patient does not wish to receive CPR, which can be crucial for those with terminal illnesses. Proper use of DNR orders can prevent costly and unwanted resuscitation efforts, aligning care with patient preferences and reducing healthcare expenditures. Educating members about these options can enhance patient satisfaction and lower costs.

                Real Stories, Real Savings


                Hear from payors who have partnered with Empower Hope to transform their approach to advanced care planning. Our platform not only enhances member care but also delivers measurable cost savings.


                  • Payor Testimonials: “Empower Hope has been instrumental in reducing our PMPM costs. The platform’s ease of use and seamless integration with our systems have made a significant impact.” – John D., Health Plan Executive
                  • Member Impact: Empower Hope helps members feel valued and respected, leading to higher satisfaction and loyalty.

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                  Educational Resources for Payors

                  Empower Hope provides a comprehensive AI-driven educational library to support payors in implementing advanced care planning. Our resources include articles, videos, and interactive tools to help you understand the financial and clinical benefits.


                  • AI Educational Library: Access tailored information and resources that highlight the cost-saving benefits of advanced care planning.
                    • Industry Insights: Stay informed with the latest research and best practices in advanced care planning and cost management.
                    • Interactive Tools: Utilize our decision-making tools to explore different scenarios and outcomes, helping you make data-driven decisions.

                    Stay ahead of the curve with Empower Hope’s educational resources. [Explore Resources]

                    Join the Movement

                    Empower Hope is dedicated to becoming the national registry for advanced care planning and a clearinghouse for related products. By partnering with us, you’re not only enhancing member care but also contributing to a larger movement that prioritizes patient autonomy and cost-effective care.

                    • National Registry: Be part of a centralized database of advanced care plans, ensuring that patient wishes are respected nationwide.
                    • Clearinghouse for Products: Access a wide range of products and services related to advanced care planning, all in one place.
                    • Community Support: Join a network of payors committed to proactive healthcare planning and cost management.

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                    By incorporating advanced care planning into your approach, you ensure that your members’ healthcare choices are respected and your costs are managed effectively. Empower Hope is here to support you every step of the way.

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