Connect to patients faster with nuiloa’s Intelligent real-time voice and texting

Interactive Intelligent appointment reminders, scheduling, referral management, feedback & reputation management, smart conversations, managed care call center, automated Q&A, patient education, physician referrals, forms collection, and much more.

You might not have heard of nuiloa.ai (pronounced noo-ee loh-wah .ai) before. nuiloa.ai keeps patients and providers connected with real-time Text & Voice automation triggered by EHR or other app events. This past summer, Epic Systems released nuiloa.ai’s real-time text & voice app in the Epic app store, App Orchard.

By automating real-time processes with fewer points of failure, nuiloa.ai delivers instant messaging and requires fewer resources than legacy slow solutions like Televox and Avaya. nuiloa.ai helps you respond more quickly and compassionately in this rapidly evolving world.

Tired and struggling with legacy solutions from Televox, West, Intrado (whatever their name is now), Avaya, etc? Tired of nightly batch jobs, lost files, support tickets, and delays in communications?

Transition to nuiloa. The only real-time, modern, A.I. enabled platform. No conversion fees. Easy setup. We accept all competitors’ files. Enjoy the possibilities. To discuss your current patient reminder and outreach challenges, as well as our solutions, call 415-200-3780 or click on I have questions below. We will send you a calendar link to book a call.

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    Intelligent bi-directional Patient Voice and Text services.

    Reduce no-shows while enhancing the patient experience with texting and voice solutions.

    → Get your Epic nuiloa Implementation Guide.

    What nuiloa can do


    • Automate appointment reminders, scheduling, and follow-ups
    • Two-way communication 
    • Schedule updates and set announcements
    • Cancellation and wait-list management
    • Self-service with instant updates
    • AR tracking and alerts
    • Cut out 3rd parties by maximizing Epic’s texting infrastructure


    • Better connection with providers
    • Receive full attention and care at their convenience
    • Management of patient flow with reduced wait-times
    • Increased patient retention and satisfaction
    • Contact clinics via text
    • No app download required
    • Communication settings can be managed on MyChart


    • Automate recurring tasks
    • Reduces administrative tasks
    • Add flexibility to workflows
    • Allows for prioritization of patients
    • Increase access to patient
    • Reduce patient frustration
    • Set it and forget it in your EMR

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      epic secure texting

      Automate and enhance your patient communications with nuiloa

      Meet Your New Epic Sidekick

      nuiloa + MyChart

      • Increase payment remittance
      • Maximize appointment schedules
      • Reduce administrative tasks and overhead
      • Decrease accounts receivable days
      • Add flexibility to daily workflow
      • Share lab test results faster to patients 
      • Improve patient touchpoints
      • Eliminate developer input with self-serve options
      • Provide an intuitive interface for staff
      • Patients and co-workers want to be more informed, updated, and reminded at their convenience and pace.

      • Patients need a better way to communicate with their providers─ an innovative solution to make informed and timely decisions.

      • Hospitals need to free up time spent on administrative tasks like follow-up and accounts receivable tracking in order to focus on patient care.

      • Hospitals need to increase patient retention, appointment attendance, and payment terms to maximize cash-flow and long-term sustainability.

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        Elevate your  patient experience 

        Maximize your EMR

        nuiloa empowers teams to connect with patients faster on Epic MyChart.

        Real-Time Texting

        Take full advantage of Epic’s capabilities to trigger live texting with your patients.

        Automate Billing & Appointment Reminders

        Automating reminders can increase patient retention and less account receivable days.

        Focus more on patients

        • More reliable follow-up care
        • Free up time for urgent or complicated cases
        • Communicate with your patients at their convenience


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