nuiloa Announces Next-Level A.I. Approach to Patient Outreach Platforms

by | Jan 27, 2021 | Press Releases

Machine Learning and other Artificial Intelligence to Power Better Patient Outcomes

nuiloa (pronounced noo-ee loh-wah), the patient-centric conversation platform created for hospitals and clinics, is officially revealing their next-level approach to patient outreach platforms using Persuasion Technology with the goal of motivating patients to take prescribed actions. 

“A.I. can greatly impact the credibility and value that a practice possesses by streamlining patient touch-points, creating efficient communication patterns and the safe, proactive use of patient data,” says the patient outreach app’s founder and CEO, Chris Halsema. “When this type of relationship is established, patients tend to become more involved and proactive in their healthcare journey. They are more likely to value the credibility of their practitioner and adherence to their treatment regime.”

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More than text appointment reminders and autodialers, nuiloa’s interactive technology can also encourage, provide incentives, negotiate, and more when ample client data is processed. nuiloa’s “A.I. patient service reps” learn and adapt to the patient’s motivations using algorithms, statistical models, and automated A/B testing to analyze and draw inferences from patterns in scripts, responses, frequency, channels, demographics, diagnosis, and other data. This continuous predictive model training, enables them to influence patients’ compliance and behaviors through interactive communications and collaboration. 

Halsema explains, “Using Persuasion Technology, nuiloa can change patient attitudes or behaviors or both without using coercion or deception. The result is better patient outcomes, additional revenue, faster responses, reduced labor cost, and more satisfied patients.” 

nuiloa is the only real-time two-way patient texting solution currently available on the Epic App Orchard that can connect patients to care and implement machine learning and artificial intelligence.

For more information or to begin your free nuiloa trial, visit https://www.empowerhope.ai/epicsms

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nuiloa (pronounced noo-ee loh-wah), based in San Francisco, CA, was launched in 2020 by Chris Halsema who recognized the difficulties and costs associated with implementing automated communication tools in healthcare. nuiloa empowers patient-centric healthcare solutions through technology by decreasing communication barriers while providing effective and efficient communication so that informed and timely decisions can be made. nuiloa technology includes front-end software, as well as voice, compliant text messaging, email gateways, and A.I. capabilities. For more info visit www.nuiloa.ai


Epic Systems is the largest medical record software vendor in the United States. For more info visit epic.com/about.  App Orchard is Epic’s marketplace for apps and APIs. For more info visit apporchard.epic.com

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